SccGetExtendedCapabilities Function


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This function returns additional capabilities supported by the source control plug-in.


SCCRTN SccGetExtendedCapabilities(  
   LPVOID pContext,  
   LONG lSccExCaps,  
   LPBOOL pbSupported  


[in] The source control plug-in context pointer.

[in] A flag specifying an extended capability for which to test (see the Extended Capability Code table in Capability Flags for the possible flags).

[out] Returns non-zero (TRUE) if the specified capability is supported; otherwise, returns zero (FALSE).

Return Value

The source control plug-in implementation of this function is expected to return one of the following values:

Value Description
SCC_OK The get capability operation completed successfully.

Unknown or unspecified error occurred.


This method is called on demand; that is, when a capability needs to be tested, this method is called to determine if that capability is supported. Only one flag at a time is specified.

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