Use Command-Line Parameters to Install Visual Studio


This article applies to Visual Studio 2015. If you're looking for the latest Visual Studio documentation, see Visual Studio documentation. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Visual Studio. Download it here

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio, see Use command-line parameters to install Visual Studio.

When you install Visual Studio 2015 from a command prompt, you can use the following command-line parameters (also known as switches).


Make sure that you use the actual installer and not the bootstrapper file. For example, make sure you use vs_enterprise.exe instead of vs_enterprise_GUID.exe. You can download an installer from

List of command-line parameters

Visual Studio command-line parameters are not case-sensitive.

Parameter Description


Displays command-line parameters.
/AddRemoveFeatures Specifies which features to add or remove from the installed product.
/AdminFile AdminDeployment.xml Installs Visual Studio using the data file that you specified for administrative installation.
/ChainingPackage BundleName Specifies which bundle is chaining this bundle. Also can be used to specify a Customer Improvement Experience cohort.
/CreateAdminFile <filename> Specifies the location to create a control file that can be used with /AdminFile
/CustomInstallPath InstallationDirectory Installs all re-targetable packages in the directory that you specify.
/ForceRestart Always restarts the computer after installation.
/full Installs all product features.
/InstallSelectableItems <item name 1>[;<item name 2>] List of selection tree items to check on the selection screen of the installer wizard.

/Log Filename
Specifies a location for the log file.
/layout Directory Copies the files on the installation media to the directory that you specify.
/NoCacheOnlyMode Prevents pre-population of the package cache.
/NoRefresh Prevents the check for newer versions of this product for either required or recommended updated versions.
/norestart Prevents the installation application from restarting the computer during or after installation. See the Return Codes section of the Visual Studio Administrator Guide for the return codes to look for.
/noweb Prevents installation from the Internet.
/OverrideFeedUri <path to feed file> Path to a local, external feed that describes software items

Sets a custom product key that contains no dashes and no more than 25 characters.
/PromptRestart Prompts the user before restarting the computer.



Suppresses the user interface (UI) for the installation application. If Visual Studio is already installed and you specify no parameters except this one, the installation application runs in Maintenance mode.

Shows progress but doesn't wait for user input.
/repair Repairs Visual Studio.
/SuppressRefreshPrompt Prevents displaying the update available dialog in the installation wizard, thus, the installation wizard will auto-accept any required or recommended updated versions.

Uninstalls Visual Studio.
/Uninstall /Force

/u /force
Uninstalls Visual Studio and all features that are shared with other products. Warning: If you use this parameter, other products that are installed on the same computer might stop functioning correctly.

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