Visual Studio workload and component IDs

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This article applies to Visual Studio 2017. If you're looking for the latest Visual Studio documentation, see Visual Studio documentation. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Visual Studio. Download it here

Click the edition names in the following table to see the available workload and component IDs you need to install Visual Studio by using a command line, or to specify as a dependency in a VSIX manifest.

Updated for the 15.9 release

Edition ID Description
Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Microsoft.VisualStudio.Product.Enterprise Microsoft DevOps solution for productivity and coordination across teams of any size
Visual Studio Professional 2017 Microsoft.VisualStudio.Product.Professional Professional developer tools and services for small teams
Visual Studio Community 2017 Microsoft.VisualStudio.Product.Community Free, fully featured IDE for students, open-source, and individual developers
Visual Studio Team Explorer 2017 Microsoft.VisualStudio.Product.TeamExplorer Interact with Team Foundation Server and Azure DevOps Services without a Visual Studio developer toolset
Visual Studio Desktop Express 2017 Microsoft.VisualStudio.Product.WDExpress Build Native and Managed applications like WPF, WinForms, and Win32 with syntax-aware code editing, source code control, and work item management. Includes support for C#, Visual Basic, and Visual C++.
Visual Studio Build Tools 2017 Microsoft.VisualStudio.Product.BuildTools The Visual Studio Build Tools allows you to build native and managed MSBuild-based applications without requiring the Visual Studio IDE. There are options to install the Visual C++ compilers and libraries, MFC, ATL, and C++/CLI support.
Visual Studio Test Agent 2017 Microsoft.VisualStudio.Product.TestAgent Supports running automated tests and load tests remotely
Visual Studio Test Controller 2017 Microsoft.VisualStudio.Product.TestController Distribute automated tests to multiple machines
Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 Microsoft.VisualStudio.Product.TestProfessional Visual Studio Test Professional 2017
Visual Studio Feedback Client 2017 Microsoft.VisualStudio.Product.FeedbackClient Visual Studio Feedback Client 2017

For more information about how to use these lists, see the Use command-line parameters to install Visual Studio 2017 page and the How to: Migrate extensibility projects to Visual Studio 2017 page.

Support or troubleshooting

Sometimes, things can go wrong. If your Visual Studio installation fails, see Troubleshoot Visual Studio installation and upgrade issues for step-by-step guidance.

Here are a few more support options:

  • We also offer an installation chat (English only) support option for installation-related issues.
  • Report product issues to us via the Report a Problem tool that appears both in the Visual Studio Installer and in the Visual Studio IDE. If you're an IT Administrator and don't have Visual Studio installed, you can submit IT Admin feedback here.
  • Suggest a feature, track product issues, and find answers in the Visual Studio Developer Community.

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