Chapter 2: Working with Dates and Times

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  • Understanding how date/time values are stored in VBA

  • Using the built-in VBA date/time functions

  • Extending the built-in functions with new generalized procedures

This chapter is devoted to providing solutions to common problems involving date and time values, including manipulating date values, finding a particular date, and working with elapsed times. Although VBA supplies a rich set of functions that help you work with date/time values, their use can be confusing, and there are many programmatic questions that need to be answered that require functions other than those supplied by the built-in VBA date-handling functions.

Table 2.1 lists the sample files you'll find on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Table 2.1: Sample Files

File Name Description
DATETIME.XLS Excel 97 file with sample functions
DATETIME.MDB Access 97 database with sample functions
DATETIME.BAS Text file with sample functions
HOLIDAYS.MDB Access 97 database containing tblHolidays
HOLIDAYS.TXT Exported text version of tblHolidays

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