Using Visual Studio Installer


This portion of the documentation provides you with the core background and "how to" information for Microsoft® Visual Studio® Installer, including information about:

  • Key concepts.

  • Creating installer (setup) projects and package files.

  • Setting project properties for your installer project.

  • Managing components, files, and folders in installer projects.

  • Creating registry entries in installer projects.

  • Creating associations in installer projects.

  • Controlling the installation run-time user interface.

  • Building the installer package file.

  • Running the installer package file.

See the following sections for detailed information.

To See
Learn about Visual Studio Installer background information and key concepts (such as installer components, shared files, and customized installations) Visual Studio Installer Concepts
Create an installer project using Visual Studio Installer or open an existing installer project Creating and Opening Installer Projects
Create a localized installer or merge module Creating an Installer Project for a Localized Installer Package (.msi) File or Merge Module (.msm File)
Import a Microsoft® Visual Basic® project into your installer project and find, delete, or restore the imported Visual Basic project dependencies Working with Visual Basic Project Dependencies
View and modify installer project properties Setting Installer Project Properties
Add, move, and delete components, files, and folders in an installer project Managing Components, Files and Folders in an Installer Project
Create and establish registry keys and values, and set registry values Manipulating the Target Machine Registry
Create file associations in an installer project Setting File, MIME, COM Object, and Type Library Associations
Add and delete installation dialog boxes and set dialog box properties Controlling the Installation Run-Time User Interface
Build or rebuild your installer project into an installer package file Building an Installer Package (.msi) File
Build a merge module to share with other installers Building a Merge Module (.msm File)
Run an installer package file Launching an Installer Package File