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Microsoft.Phone.Net.NetworkInformation Namespace

[ This article is for Windows Phone 8 developers. If you’re developing for Windows 10, see the latest documentation. ]

The Microsoft.Phone.Net.NetworkInformation namespace provides types for interacting with network interfaces.


  Class Description
DeviceNetworkInformation Contains network information for a specific Windows Phone device.
NameResolutionResult Contains the result of an attempt to asynchronously resolve a host name.
NetworkException The exception that is thrown when a network interface error occurs.
NetworkInterface Provides configuration information for a network interface.
NetworkInterfaceInfo Contains all available information about an individual network interface.
NetworkInterfaceList Contains an enumerable collection of NetworkInterfaceInfo objects.
NetworkNotificationEventArgs Provides data for the NetworkAvailabilityChanged event.
SocketExtensions Defines extension methods for working with a network interface.
WebRequestExtensions Defines extension methods for working with a web request.


  Delegate Description
NameResolutionCallback Represents the method that is called when an asynchronous name resolution operation completes.


  Enumeration Description
ConnectState Specifies the connection state of a network interface.
NetworkCharacteristics Specifies characteristics of the network interface.
NetworkError Describes the status of a network operation, such as trying to connect to a network interface.
NetworkInterfaceSubType Specifies additional information about the type of a network interface.
NetworkInterfaceType Specifies the type of a network interface.
NetworkNotificationType Describes a notification from the network when a change occurs.
NetworkSelectionCharacteristics Specifies the preferred network interface characteristic.

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