Sending notifications (Windows Runtime apps)

This section discusses the concepts and architecture involved in push notifications, scheduled notifications, polling notifications, local notifications, and how to choose the notification method that is best for your app.

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Choosing a notification delivery method

This topic discusses the notification options—local, scheduled, periodic, and push—available to deliver tile and badge updates and toast notification content.

Periodic notification overview

Periodic notifications, which are also called polled notifications, update tiles and badges at a fixed interval by downloading content from a cloud service.

Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) overview

The Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) enables third-party developers to send toast, tile, badge, and raw updates from their own cloud service. This provides a mechanism to deliver new updates to your users in a power-efficient and dependable way.

Raw notification overview

Raw notifications are short, general purpose push notifications. They are strictly instructional and do not include a UI component. As with other push notifications, the WNS feature delivers raw notifications from your cloud service to your app.