Quick-Start Tutorial

To learn about programming for Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS), you can perform, as a tutorial, tasks in the Using Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services section in the order presented in this topic.

To perform this tutorial, install a new instance of AD LDS - without creating an application directory partition. The topics assume that the AD LDS installation is on a local computer and uses TCP port 389 for non-SSL connections. If these assumptions do not apply in your situation, modify the procedures as appropriate. The tutorial consists of the following general steps:

  1. Creating an Application Directory Partition
  2. Binding to an Instance
  3. Adding User Classes
  4. Adding Contact Classes
  5. Creating inetOrgPerson Objects
  6. Creating Contact Objects
  7. Creating Organizational Units
  8. Creating Users
  9. Creating Groups
  10. Adding Members to Groups
  11. Getting a List of Specified Objects
  12. Enumerating Users and Groups
  13. Setting User Passwords
  14. Backing Up an Instance
  15. Restoring an Instance
  16. Removing Members from Groups
  17. Deleting Users
  18. Deleting Groups
  19. Deleting Organizational Units
  20. Deleting an Application Directory Partition