Direct3D Graphics

Microsoft Direct3D is a low-level graphics application programming interface (API) that enables you to manipulate visual models of 3-dimensional objects and take advantage of hardware acceleration, such as video graphics cards.


  • Getting Started with Direct3D

    Contains architectural descriptions, drawings of 3-D conventions, discussion of Direct3D devices and resources, and step-by-step tutorials. Code snippets are used throughout to clarify the usage of Direct3D components.

  • Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D

    Contains the reference pages for the Direct3D namespace. This includes the syntax for methods, properties, and data structures. It includes an explanation of how the Direct3D component works, and often includes code snippets.

  • Microsoft.DirectX

    Contains the reference pages for the Microsoft DirectX utility namespace. This namespace provides utility operations and data storage for DirectX application programming, including exception handling, simple helper methods, and structures used for matrix, clipping plane, quaternion, and vector manipulation.

  • How Do I ...?

    Explains typical tasks you may encounter in developing DirectX applications, with short snippets of C# code.