FaxPorts object

The FaxPorts object represents a collection of FaxPort objects. The FaxPorts object permits a fax client Microsoft Visual Basic application to enumerate the fax ports associated with a connected fax server, and to create FaxPort objects for those ports. There is one FaxPort object for each port associated with the server.

The FaxPorts object has the following properties:

  • A property to enumerate the number of ports associated with a connected fax server.
  • A property to create a FaxPort object for a specified fax port.


The FaxPorts object has these types of members:


The FaxPorts object has these properties.

Property Access type Description
The Count property returns the number of fax ports attached to the connected fax server.
The Item method creates a FaxPort object for a specified fax port. The object allows enumeration of port configuration information for a specific connection to a fax server.



When to Implement

You should not implement this class. The Microsoft standard implementation provides complete functionality. You can use the Visual Basic Object Browser to view the FaxPorts object's type library information in Visual Basic syntax.

To create a FaxPorts object

  1. Call the Visual Basic CreateObject function to create a FaxServer object.
  2. Call the GetPorts method of the FaxServer object to create a FaxPorts object on the connected fax server.