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About HTML Help Workshop

Microsoft HTML Help Workshop (Hhw.exe) is an executable program designed to help you create help systems using source files based on Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). With HTML Help Workshop, you can create help systems for distribution with a software program or as stand-alone systems on a Web site.

With its easy-to-use interface, HTML Help Workshop allows you to organize the different files that make up the content of your help system into a single project (.hhp) file, and to author HTML files with a text editor. You can also create and edit contents (.hhc) and index (.hhk) files, add graphics (.gif, .jpeg, .png) files, and insert the HTML Help ActiveX control (the primary navigation tool in HTML Help) into your HTML files.

If you choose to ship your help files using the HTML Help Viewer, HTML Help Workshop includes the HTML Help compiler. A single click allows you to compile, view, and test any changes you have made to your help files.

The HTML Help Components