XML DOM Error Messages


The XML Document Object Model (DOM) generates the following error messages.

Error code Error string Description
0xC00CE200 XMLOM_DUPLICATE_ID The ID '%1' is duplicated.
0xC00CE201 XMLOM_DATATYPE_PARSE_ERROR Error parsing '%1' as %2 data type.
0xC00CE202 XMLOM_NAMESPACE_CONFLICT There was a Namespace conflict for the '%1' Namespace.
0xC00CE204 XMLOM_OBJECT_EXPAND_NOTIMPL Unable to expand an attribute with Object value
0xC00CE205 XMLOM_DTDT_DUP Cannot have 2 data type attributes on one element.
0xC00CE206 XMLOM_INSERTPOS_NOTFOUND Insert position node not found
0xC00CE207 XMLOM_NODE_NOTFOUND Node not found
0xC00CE208 XMLOM_INVALIDTYPE This operation can not be performed with a node of type %1.
0xC00CE209 XMLOM_INVALID_XMLDECL_ATTR '%1' is not a valid attribute on the XML Declaration. Only 'version', 'encoding', or 'standalone' attributes are allowed.
0xC00CE20A XMLOM_INVALID_INSERT_PARENT Inserting a node or its ancestor under itself is not allowed.
0xC00CE20B XMLOM_INVALID_INSERT_POS Insert position node must be a Child of the node to insert under.
0xC00CE20C XMLOM_NO_ATTRIBUTES Attributes are not allowed on nodes of type '%1'.
0xC00CE20D XMLOM_NOTCHILD The parameter node is not a child of this node.
0xC00CE20E XMLOM_CREATENODE_NEEDNAME To create nodes of type '%1', a valid name must be specified.
0xC00CE20F XMLOM_UNEXPECTED_NS Unexpected NameSpace parameter.
0xC00CE210 XMLOM_MISSING_PARAM Required parameter is missing (or null/empty).
0xC00CE211 XMLOM_INVALID_NAMESPACENODE Namespace node is invalid.
0xC00CE212 XMLOM_READONLY Attempt to modify a read-only node.
0xC00CE213 XMLOM_ACCESSDENIED Access Denied.
0xC00CE214 XMLOM_ATTRMOVE Attributes must be removed before adding them to a different node.
0xC00CE215 XMLOM_BADVALUE Invalid data for a node of type '%1'.
0xC00CE216 XMLOM_USERABORT Operation aborted by caller.
0xC00CE217 XMLOM_NEXTNODEABORT Unable to recover node list iterator position.
0xC00CE218 XMLOM_INVALID_INDEX The offset must be 0 or a positive number that is not greater than the number of characters in the data.
0xC00CE219 XMLOM_INVALID_ATTR The provided node is not a specified attribute on this node.
0xC00CE21A XMLOM_INVALID_ONDOCTYPE This operation cannot be performed on DOCTYPE node.
0xC00CE21B XMLOM_INVALID_MODEL Cannot mix different threading models in document.
0xC00CE21C XMLOM_INVALID_DATATYPE Datatype '%1' is not supported.
0xC00CE21D XMLOM_INVALID_PROPNAME Property name is invalid.
0xC00CE21E XMLOM_INVALID_PROPVALUE Property value is invalid.
0xC00CE21F XMLOM_OBJ_READONLY Object is read-only.
0xC00CE220 XMLOM_SCHEMACACHE_ONLY Only XMLSchemaCache schema collections can be used.
0xC00CE223 XMLOM_VALIDATE_NOTWF Validate failed because the document does not contain exactly one root node.
0xC00CE224 XMLOM_VALIDATE_DECLARATION_NOTFOUND The node is neither valid nor invalid because no DTD/Schema declaration was found.
0xC00CE225 XMLOM_VALIDATE_INVALID Validate failed.
0xC00CE226 XMLOM_OUTOFBOUNDS Index refers beyond end of list.
0xC00CE227 XMLOM_E_BADNAME A node of type '%1' cannot have the name '%2'.
0xC00CE228 XMLOM_MISSING_PROPERTY Required property does not have a valid value.
0xC00CE229 XMLOM_TRANSFORM_IN_PROGRESS Illegal operation while a transformation is currently in progress.
0xC00CE22A XMLOM_TRANSFORM_ABORTED User aborted transform.
0xC00CE22B XMLOM_STILL_LOADING Document is not completely parsed.
0xC00CE22C XMLOM_BAD_EVENTSINK This object cannot sink the '%1' event. An error occurred marshalling the object's IDispatch interface.
0xC00CE22D XMLOM_STYLESHEET_MODEL The XSL stylesheet document must be free threaded in order to be used with the XSLTemplate object.
0xC00CE22E XMLOM_BAD_SELECTNS SelectionNamespaces property value is invalid. Only well-formed xmlns attributes are allowed.
0xC00CE22F XMLOM_BADNAMECHAR This name may not contain the '%2' character: %1-->%2<--%3
0xC00CE230 XMLOM_BADSTARTNAMECHAR This name may not begin with the '%2' character: %1-->%2<--%3
0xC00CE231 XMLOM_MISSINGNAME An empty string '' is not a valid name.
0xC00CE232 XMLOM_ASYNCSERVERHTTPREQUEST The ServerHTTPRequest property can not be used when loading a document asynchronously and is only supported on Windows NT 4.0 and above.
0xC00CE233 XMLOM_BUILDERNOTVALID Not supported when building DOM from SAX.
0xC00CE234 XMLOM_BUILDEROUTOFSEQ Method '%1' not valid until after startDocument() is called.
0xC00CE235 XMLOM_BUILDERUNEXPECTED Method '%1()' unexpected.
0xC00CE236 XMLOM_BUILDERUNEXPECTED2 Method '%1()' unexpected. Expecting '%2()'.
0xC00CE237 XML_NSMGR_BUFFERTOOSMALL The buffer passed in has insufficient length.
0xC00CE238 XML_NSMGR_NOTTHINGTOPOP There are no contexts left to pop in the Namespace Manager.
0xC00CE239 XML_NSMGR_CANNOTOVERRIDE The prefix '%1' can not be redeclared. The Namespace Manager is not in override mode.
0xC00CE23A XMLOM_MIXINGVERSIONS It is an error to mix objects from different versions of MSXML.
0xC00CE23B XMLOM_WINHTTPNOTREGISTERED Current operating system does not have WINHTTP.DLL. WINHTTP.DLL must be registered to use the ServerXMLHTTP object.
0xC00CE23C XMLOM_XQL_UNSUPPORTED The XSLPattern selection language is not supported in this version of MSXML.
0xC00CE23D XMLOM_NO_DTD_NEWPARSER DTD Validation when using the NewParser option or MXXMLWriter to build a DOMDocument is not supported.
0xC00CE23E XMLOM_VALIDATE_FOREIGNNODE Validate failed because the node provided does not belong to this document.
0xC00CE23F XMLOM_INVALIDMETHODCALL_ALLERRORS This method can only be called from top level error object when the MultipleErrorMessages property is enabled.
0xC00CE240 XMLOM_SCHEMA_FAILED_TO_LOAD While loading schema '%1' following error has occured:
0xC00CE241 XMLOM_IMPORTNODE_NO_DEEP 'importNode' requires the 'deep' parameter to be true.