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ISpPrivateEngineCall (SAPI 5.3)

Microsoft Speech API 5.3


This interface is obtained by calling the QueryInterface method of the ISpRecoContext interface. However, applications should not directly use _ISpPrivateEngineCall interface.

Applications should call the QueryInterface method of the recognition context for a particular engine extension interface that is implemented by their engine. SAPI will create the engine extension class identified in ExtensionCLSID attribute of the engine object token. This interface should call the QueryInterface method for _ISpPrivateEngineCall, where it can then call CallEngine to make a private call to the engine. The data passed into the CallEngine method is passed to the engine's PrivateCall method.

When to Implement

Implemented by SAPI and inherits from ISpRecoContext.

Associated Class IDs

The following class IDs (CLSID) may be used with this interface. A complete CLSID listing for all interfaces is in the Class IDs section.

Methods in Vtable Order

_ISpPrivateEngineCall Methods