IDataSource Interface and Methods

Implemented by the OSP Data Object.

When the data consumer asks for data, it specifies the data access interface it wants via an IID. With the OSP Toolkit, you always use IID_OLEDBSimpleProvider. (For other data access interfaces you can use with IDataSource, see the Microsoft? Visual Basic? documentation.)


This feature will be removed in a future version of Windows. Avoid using this feature in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use this feature. Instead, write a fully functional OLE DB provider using the native OLE DB interfaces.

Data members are sets of data and are identified by strings (BSTRs). The data member argument used with the IDataSource methods is interpreted as a case-insensitive string ? that is, "MyDataMember" = "MYDATAMEMBER" = "mydatamember".

Following are the IDataSource methods used with OSP.




Adds a listener to the notification list.


Returns a data access object (such as a row position) for a given data member.


Returns the number of well-known data members.


Returns the name of a well-known data member.


Removes a listener from the notification list.