XML DOM Objects-Interfaces


This part of the XML Document Object Model (DOM) reference describes the programming object syntax. The first table lists the core objects/interfaces. The second table lists the implemented objects/interfaces.

XML DOM Core Objects/Interfaces

The following objects/interfaces represent implementations of the XML DOM core objects/interfaces. The objects/interfaces include Microsoft extensions to support the following items and operations: namespaces, data types, XML schemas, Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), XSL Transformations (XSLT) operations, asynchronous loading, and the saving of documents.

IXMLDOMDocument/DOMDocument Represents the top node of the XML DOM tree.
IXMLDOMDocument2 An extension of DOMDocument. This extension supports schema caching and runtime validation, and provides a way to switch on XML Path Language (XPath) support.
IXMLDOMNamedNodeMap Enables iteration and access, by name, to the collection of attributes. IXMLDOMNamedNodeMapincludes support for namespaces.
IXMLDOMNode Represents a single node in the document tree. IXMLDOMNode is the base interface for accessing data in the XML object model. This interface includes support for data types, namespaces, document type definitions (DTDs), and XML schemas.
IXMLDOMNodeList Enables iteration and indexed access operations on the live collection of IXMLDOMNode.
IXMLDOMParseError Returns detailed information about the last error, including the error number, the line number, the character position, and a text description.
IXMLHTTPRequest Provides client-side protocol support for communication with HTTP servers.

XML DOM Implemented Objects/Interfaces

The following table represents implementations of other XML DOM interfaces.

IServerXMLHTTPRequest/ServerXMLHTTP Provides methods and properties that enable you to establish an HTTP connection between files or objects on different Web servers. This interface is derived from IXMLHTTPRequest.
IXMLDOMAttribute Represents an attribute.
IXMLDOMCDATASection Quotes or escapes blocks of text so that text is not interpreted as markup language.
IXMLDOMCharacterData Provides text manipulation methods that are used by several objects.
IXMLDOMComment Represents the content of an XML comment.
IXMLDOMDocumentFragment Represents a lightweight object that is useful for tree insertion operations.
IXMLDOMDocumentType Contains information associated with the document type declaration.
IXMLDOMElement Represents the element.
IXMLDOMEntity Represents a parsed or unparsed entity in the XML document.
IXMLDOMEntityReference Represents an entity reference node.
IXMLDOMImplementation Provides methods that are independent of any particular instance of the document object model.
IXMLDOMNotation Contains a notation declared in the DTD or schema.
IXMLDOMProcessingInstruction Represents a processing instruction. XML defines this instruction to keep processor-specific information in the text of the document.
XMLSchemaCache Represents a set of namespace URIs.
IXMLDOMSchemaCollection/XMLSchemaCache Represents a SchemaCache object.
IXMLDOMSchemaCollection2/XMLSchemaCache An extension of IXMLDOMSchemaCollection.
IXMLDOMSelection Represents a list of nodes that match an XPath expression.
IXMLDOMText Represents the text content of an element or attribute.
IXSLProcessor Used for performing transformations with cached XSL templates.
IXSLTemplate Represents a cached XSL style sheet.

For a list of all valid node types, see XML DOM Enumerated Constants.