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Referencing MSXML within VBA Projects


MSXML can be used when working within applications that support Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), such as Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007 or Microsoft Office 2010.

For example, to set a reference to MSXML in a VBA project within Microsoft Word, do the following:

  1. Open Visual Basic Editor in Microsoft Word by editing a Macro.

  2. In the list of available references, select from any of the following versions of MSXML you have installed and wish to reference in your VBA project:

    • Microsoft XML, v 3.0.

    • Microsoft XML, v 4.0 (if you have installed MSXML 4.0 separately).

    • Microsoft XML, v 5.0 (if you have installed Office 2003 - 2007 which provides MSXML 5.0 for Microsoft Office Applications).

    • Microsoft XML, v 6.0 (on Windows Server 2003 you have to install MSXML 6.0 separately.

  3. Click OK.

Once this reference is made, you can call and use MSXML application programming interfaces directly from within your VBA project code modules.