Private Properties of a Cluster Object

A private property is an attribute possessed by an individual instance of a cluster object. Other instances may or may not possess the same property.

Private properties are defined by the cluster software and by resource DLLs. End users and developers can create private properties for objects as needed. Private properties that are not created by the cluster or by a resource DLL are classified as unknown properties.

Private properties are further categorized as required or optional. If an object has a required private property, the property must have valid data before the object can be used. This may be a matter of verifying that the default value of the property is valid, or it may require an explicit assignment. For example, the Address property for IP Addresses resources is required. The resource cannot be brought online unless a valid IP address is stored in the Address property.

Optional private properties do not require a value.

The private properties for any cluster object reside in the cluster database under a Parameters key that is related to the identifier of the object. The following syntax illustrates a parameters key where Object refers to the name of the object and ObjectID refers to the object's identifier: