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Rights Management SDK 2.1


The Rights Management Services SDK 2.1 platform enables developers to build applications that leverage Rights Management Services (RMS) or Azure Rights Management to provide information protection. The RMS SDK 2.1 handles complex security practices such as key management, encryption and decryption processing and offers a simplified API for easy application development.

Developer audience

The RMS SDK 2.1, available from the RMS SDK 2.1 download page on the Microsoft download center, is used to create custom applications that enable rights management on digital assets and enforce terms-of-use for those assets. Knowledge of the C++ programming language is required.

For more information about this technology see our RMS Developer's Corner, the official blog of the Rights Management product team at Microsoft for developers working with information protection using AD RMS.

For answers to frequently asked questions, see the developers section of our RMS FAQ

In this section


Rights Management Services (RMS) is an information protection technology that helps safeguard digital information from unauthorized use.

Get started

The RMS SDK 2.1 platform enables developers to build applications that leverage RMS information protection via an RMS Server or Azure RMS.

Developer guidance and information

This section covers specific guidance for several important development scenarios as well as general information about developing with this SDK.

API reference

This section contains topics covering reference material for all of the API elements.

RMS SDK 2.1 download page

RMS Developer's Corner