Offline Files


The Offline Files API allows applications to control and monitor the behavior of Offline Files on Microsoft Networks programmatically.

Developer audience

The Offline Files API is designed for C and C++ developers. Familiarity with COM and client/server architecture is required. The Offline Files WMI provider offers a scriptable interface for managing the Offline Files feature.

Run-time requirements

The Offline Files API is included in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and later. On Windows Server operating systems beginning with Windows Server 2008 R2, the Offline Files API and WMI provider are available only if the Desktop Experience feature is installed. For information about which operating system versions are required to use a particular programming element, see the Requirements section of the reference page for that element.

In this section

About Offline Files API

Overview of the Offline Files API.

About Offline Files WMI Provider

Overview of the Offline Files WMI provider.

Offline Files API Reference

Details of Offline Files constants, enumerations, functions, and interfaces.

Offline Files WMI Provider Reference

Details of the Offline Files WMI provider classes.