Romimage Tool (romimage.exe) (Compact 2013)


The Romimage tool (Romimage.exe), which is called by Makeimg.exe, creates a binary image (.bin) file, which is the run-time image.




Romimage uses a .bib file to determine which modules and files it should combine to form the run-time image, and where to place the modules in memory.

Romimage.exe generates the following data formats:

  • Windows Embedded Compact-based binary image data file (.bin)
    Organizes data by sections. The default file format that Romimage.exe uses when creating the run-time image.
  • Motorola S-record data file (.sre)
    Contains data in printable ASCII format, which is visually readable and is designed to make loading data from the development computer to the target device easier.
  • Absolute binary data file (.nb0)
    A byte-for-byte mirror image of the data in ROM. This format is used to contain a raw binary image of the run-time image, which is as it appears in the memory on the device.
  • Absolute binary data file (.abx)
    A byte-for-byte mirror image of the data in ROM. When the run-time image is split into multiple files, the file name extension contains a sequence number in place of the x in the .abx file name extension. This file name extension allows you to identify multiple run-time images.

If Romimage detects overlapped records, it outputs an error message.

Romimage.exe supports multiple XIP regions; for example, multiple RAMIMAGE sections. To fill these sections, include the names of the files and the address of the section where the file should be placed. To do this, add the section name as a suffix after the file path declaration.

Each specified section generates a separate .bin file. For example, NK generates Nk.bin and XIP2 creates Xip2.bin.

Each .bin file, when loaded into ROM, is a separate XIP region, as shown in the following example.

NK 80200000 00E00000 RAMIMAGE
      XIP2 81010000 000E0000 RAMIMAGE
      RAM 81300000 00D00000 RAM
      player.exe $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\player.exe XIP2 SH

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