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NDIS Packet Capturing Reference (Compact 2013)


Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) packet capturing captures network traffic so that it can be read by the Windows Network Monitor (NetMon). By adding this feature, it supports the logging of network traffic and producing files that can be read by NetMon, which in turn make it possible for you to assess loads on the network.

To add this feature to your OS, see NDIS Packet Capturing Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables.

For more information, see NDIS Network Interface Reference.

Sample application code is available at:

Source code for this feature is available at %_WINCEROOT%\public\COMMON\oak\utils\netlog.

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NDIS Packet Capturing Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables

NDIS Sample Tool Netlogctl

NDIS Sample Tool Netlog

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