Web Services on Devices Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables (Compact 2013)


In Windows Embedded Compact, you can write applications that use the Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS) specification to communicate with other devices that implement DPWS.

For more information, see Web Services on Devices.

For more information about how to add or remove catalog items, see Create Your First OS.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables

The following table shows the catalog items and associated SYSGEN variables for supporting Web Services on Devices in your OS.

Catalog item

SYSGEN variable



Web Services on Devices


Provides support for the Web Services on Devices API (WSDAPI), which can be used to develop client applications or device hosts that support DPWS messaging functionality on IP-based network devices.


Web Services on Devices Samples


The sample code for WSDAPI, which provides an example of how to implement basic messaging functionality: discovery, metadata exchange, control, eventing, and attachments.


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