DUMPBIN Tool (Compact 2013)


This tool displays information about 32-bit Common Object File Format (COFF) binary files.


DUMPBIN [options] files...


  • /ALL
    Displays all available information except code disassembly.
    Displays minimal information about member objects in a library.
    Dumps the names of DLLs that the image imports functions from. Does not dump the names of the imported functions.
    Dumps the compiler-generated directive section of an image.
    Shows disassembly of code sections, using symbols if present in the file.
    Lists all definitions exported from an executable file or DLL.
    Displays the file header and the header for each section.

    When used with a library, displays the header for each member object.

    Lists all definitions imported to an executable file or DLL.
    Shows COFF line numbers.
  • /LINKERMEMBER[:{1|2}]
    Lists public symbols defined in a library. Specify the 1 argument to display symbols in object order, with their offsets.

    Specify the 2 argument to display offsets and index numbers of objects and then list the symbols in alphabetical order, with the object index for each.

    To get both outputs, specify /LINKERMEMBER without the number argument.

  • /OUT
    Specifies a filename for the output. By default, DUMPBIN displays the information to standard output.
  • /PDATA
    Dumps the exception tables (.pdata) from an image or object. For RISC processors only.
    Reports the .pdb files that correspond to the specified filename. VERBOSE (optional) reports all directories where an attempt was made to locate the .pdb file.
  • /RAWDATA[:{1|2|4|8|NONE[,number]]
    Displays the raw contents of each section in the file. The command-line arguments control the format of the display, as shown below:

    • 1
      The default. Contents are displayed in hexadecimal bytes, and also as ASCII characters if they have a printed representation.
    • 2
      Contents are displayed as hexadecimal 2-byte values.
    • 4
      Contents are displayed as hexadecimal 4-byte values.
    • 8
      Contents are displayed as hexadecimal 8-byte values.
    • NONE
      Raw data is suppressed. This argument is useful to control the output of /ALL.
    • Number
      Displayed lines are set to a width that holds number values per line.
    Displays relocations in the object or image.
    Restricts the output to information on the specified section.
    Displays minimal information about sections, including total size.

    This option is the default if no other option is specified in a DUMPBIN command.

    Displays the COFF symbol table.

    Symbol tables exist in all object files.

    Dumps the unwind descriptors of the structured exception handling (SEH) tables in program images.


You can use DUMPBIN to examine the following:

  • COFF object files
  • Standard libraries of COFF objects
  • Executable (.exe) files
  • Dynamic-link library (.dll) files

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