Camera Drivers (Compact 2013)


Camera drivers connect the Windows Embedded Compact OS to video and still image capture devices. The Windows Embedded Compact camera driver model supports basic image capture functionality in consumer devices such as cameras integrated into cell phones or PDAs. This model is not intended to support advanced image capture devices such as full-featured digital cameras or video conferencing equipment.

Applications do not communicate with your camera driver directly. Instead, applications use the middleware layer provided by the DirectShow video capture infrastructure to communicate and control the camera through your device driver. Camera drivers are divided into two layers:

  • The hardware-specific Camera Platform Dependent Driver (PDD) layer that is implemented by the camera driver author.
  • The Camera Model Device Driver (MDD) layer, which is provided by Microsoft as source code in the SDK.

For reference information, see Camera Driver Reference.

To add this feature to your OS, see Camera Driver Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables.

Sample code for a camera PDD is available at %_WINCEROOT%\public\COMMON\oak\drivers\Capture\camera\layered\pdd_null.

Source code for the camera MDD is available at %_WINCEROOT%\public\COMMON\oak\drivers\Capture\camera\layered\MDD.

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