Compact Test Kit Overview (Compact 2013)


The Windows Embedded Compact Test Kit (CTK) is a tool that you can use to test the functionality and performance of device drivers and related hardware for a Windows Embedded Compact powered device. The test tools in the CTK provide feedback on the functionality of your drivers, which can in turn be used to further enhance the reliability of your device. Additionally, more tests can be added to the CTK to test specific drivers.

The CTK includes the Graph Tool, a tool that you can use to convert performance test results into graphical charts. For information about the Graph Tool, see the Graph Tool.

The CTK has the following key features:

  • User interface that resembles Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Ability to group user-selected test cases into test passes.
  • Test results viewer that allows you store and review test results per test pass.
  • Upon connection to a device, detection of peripherals and drivers needed for tests.
  • Integration with the Graph Tool to graph performance test results.
  • Ability to add custom Tux test harness (TUX)-based tests to the CTK.


As you read this guide, you will encounter the following terms that are essential to understanding the concepts presented:

  • Stress test . A test that determines the health of the device by testing above normal operational limits.
  • Test case. The set of test conditions that determine if the device is performing correctly.
  • Test parameters. The definitions and settings for a particular test.
  • Test pass. A container for a collection of test suites, which are collections of test cases. The test cases in a test pass can be run together in one pass or run selectively.
  • Test pass template. A reusable model that contains a collection of tests. A test pass is created from a test pass template. After you create a test pass template, you can add and remove test cases from the template.
  • Test suites. Collections of test cases.
  • TUX Test Harness. The test harness that executes test modules stored in dynamic-link library (.dll) files.
  • Windows Embedded Test Catalog: The master list of all the test cases that are included in the CTK.
  • Winsock Performance Test: A network performance test that operates at the Windows Sockets 2 (Winsock) level.

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