This function returns a BSTR, assigning each element of the vector to a character in the BSTR.

HRESULT BstrFromVector(
  BSTR FAR* pbstr 


  • psa
    [in] Pointer to the vector to be converted to a BSTR.
  • pbstr
    [out] On output, pointer to a BSTR, each character of which is assigned to an element from the vector.

Return Values

One of the values obtained from the returned HRESULT and described in the following table is returned.

Value Description
S_OK Success.
E_OUTOFMEMORY Out of memory.
E_INVALIDARG The psa parameter is NULL.
DISP_E_TYPEMISMATCH The psa parameter is not a vector (not an array of bytes).


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.0 and later.
Header: Oleauto.h.
Link Library: Oleaut32.lib.

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