lineGetMessage (Windows CE 5.0)

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This function returns the next TAPI message that is queued for delivery to an application that is using the Event Handle notification mechanism. For more information about the Event Handle notification mechanism, see lineInitializeEx.

LONG WINAPI lineGetMessage(HLINEAPP hLineApp,LPLINEMESSAGE lpMessage,DWORD dwTimeout);


  • hLineApp
    The handle returned by the lineInitializeEx function. The application must have set the LINEINITIALIZEEXOPTION_USEEVENT option in the dwOptions member of the LINEINITIALIZEEXPARAMS structure.
  • lpMessage
    Pointer to a LINEMESSAGE structure. Upon successful return from this function, the structure contains the next message that had been queued for delivery to the application.
  • dwTimeout
    The time-out interval, in milliseconds. The function returns if the interval elapses, even if no message can be returned. If dwTimeout is zero, the function checks for a queued message and returns immediately. If dwTimeout is INFINITE, the function's time-out interval never elapses.

Return Values

Returns zero if the request succeeds or a negative error number if an error occurs. The following table shows the return values for this function.

Value Description
LINEERR_OPERATIONFAILED No message could be fetched from the queue.
LINEERR_NOMEM No memory available


If the lineGetMessage function has been called with a non-zero time-out and the application calls the lineShutdown function on another thread, lineGetMessage returns immediately with LINEERR_INVALAPPHANDLE.

If the time-out expires, or was zero, and no message could be fetched from the queue, the function returns with the error LINEERR_OPERATIONFAILED.


OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later.
Header: Tapi.h.
Link Library: Coredll.lib.

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