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This code is used to issue various power operations on a smart card.


  • dwOpenData
    [in] Handle returned from a call to the smart card reader driver's XXX_Open (Device Manager) function.
  • dwCode
    [in] Specifies this code.
  • pBufIn
    [in] Contains one of the following codes to select a specific power operation.
    Code Operation
    SCARD_COLD_RESET Power down the smart card and power it up again.
    SCARD_WARM_RESET Reset the smart card without removing power.
    SCARD_POWER_DOWN Remove power from the smart card.
  • dwLenIn
  • pBufOut
    [out] Used with SCARD_COLD_RESET and SCARD_WARM_RESET to store a complete ATR from the smart card.
  • dwLenOut
    [out] The size of the output buffer. This must be at least 33 bytes to hold a complete ATR.
  • pdwActualOut
    [out] The actual number of bytes in the ATR.

Return Values

One of the following status values.

Status Description
STATUS_SUCCESS The operation completed successfully.
STATUS_UNRECOGNIZED_MEDIA The smart card is unsupported or unknown.
STATUS_NO_MEDIA There is no smart card in the card reader.
STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT The operation has timed out.


Smart card reader drivers return Windows NT status values, rather than Win32 error values, as the return values from the driver's callback function.


OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later.
Header: Winsmcrd.h.

See Also

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