Device Update Agent

Device Update Agent (DUA) enables you to update a run-time image remotely. DUA is a service that runs on your run-time image and performs administrative tasks, such as copying files, creating registry keys, or executing processes.

DUA polls a specific remote or local path for a script file. When this script file is found, the script immediately runs.

Device Update Agent includes a script compiler, dusc.exe. This compiler is used to compile script files to a program that the DUA service can execute.

In some cases, you cannot gain physical access to your device after it has been deployed. You can place commands in the DUA script, run the scripts through the script compiler, and then place the resulting file into a folder that is monitored by the Device Update Agent service. In this manner, you can send commands remotely to your device.

The DUA uses simple command sequences that are pulled from the file. The registry is configured with the name of the folder from which the Device Update Agent gets the command file. You can also manually copy the command file to the folder that is monitored by the Device Update Agent service. Typically, this file is delivered to the DUA over a network or on physical media. If the device running the DUA is connected to a network, the DUA can download additional command files.

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