Configuring the NLS Table (Windows CE 5.0)

The NLS tables describe the locale identifiers (LCIDs) available to your OS design. An LCID consists of a primary language identifier, a sublanguage identifier, and a sort identifier. Platform Builder uses the LCIDs in your NLS table to determine which locales to support in your OS design. You can modify the NLS table to add or remove locale information. Platform Builder stores the list of OS-supported locales in the Nlscfg.inf file located in the %_WINCEROOT%\Public\Common\Oak\Files directory. The Nlscfg.inf file also includes the LOC_INCLUDELOCALES token. By default, Nlscfg.inf loads many of the locales supported by the 1252 code page.

You can add an LCID to the NLS table to support specific locales. And, you can remove an LCID from the NLS table to reduce the size of the file that Windows CE uses to store all the locale tables in ROM.

Once you determine which locales to include with your target device, you can set your OS to load a specific locale automatically during the boot process. You can also use the IDE to localize a OS design during the build process, or to set the locale later using Platform Settings. If necessary, you can override the default code pages by using registry settings.

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