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/Zc:wchar_t - wchar_t Is Native Type (Windows CE 5.0)

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This option causes the type wchar_t to become a native type that maps to __wchar_t in the same way that short maps to __int16.



With /Zc:wchar_t, the compiler recognizes wchar_t as a native type.

__wchar_t is always available.

By providing overloads for both the unsigned short and __wchar_t variations of wchar_t, you can create libraries that can easily be linked with code compiled with or without /Zc:wchar_t and avoid the need to provide two different builds of the library (one with and one without /Zc:wchar_t enabled).

When /Zc:wchar_t is specified**, _WCHAR_T_DEFINED** and _NATIVE_WCHAR_T_DEFINED symbols are defined. For more information, see Predefined Macros.

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