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IOCTL_IR_GET_DEV_CAPS control code

Infrared deprecation warning


The Infrared driver stack is deprecated starting in Windows 10, version 1803 and should no longer be used.

The IOCTL_IR_GET_DEV_CAPS request is used in the first run to determine what hardware is connected to the system and if that hardware supports the functionality the user is trying to configure.

This request returns device capabilities in a IR_DEV_CAPS structure.

Input Parameters


Output Parameters

Irp->AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer points to an IR_DEV_CAPS structure for the port driver to fill in.

I/O Status Block

The Information field is set to sizeof(IR_DEV_CAPS) if successful.

The Status field is set to STATUS_SUCCESS if the operation is completed successfully. It can also be the following value:

    The supplied output buffer is too small to be an IR_DEV_CAPS structure.


The IOCTL_IR_GET_DEV_CAPS IOCTL is available on x86-based and x64-based computers with the Windows Vista operating system.



Irclass_ioctl.h (include Irclass_ioctl.h)

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