Programming Tutorial

This tutorial provides a basic introduction to the Windows Home Server API. It uses simple examples that demonstrate the most common operations.

The tutorial does not provide an exhaustive or comprehensive examination of the Windows Home Server API. For this, see the full Windows Home Server API Technical Reference, which is included with this documentation.


The API for Windows Home Server consists of two separate .dll files. Microsoft.HomeServer.SDK.Interop.v1.dll is used to extend the Windows Home Server platform, and HomeServerExt.dll is used to extend the Windows Home Server Console. Accordingly, this tutorial has two main sections:

  • Extending the Windows Home Server Console. This section walks through creating one sample application, a Windows Home Server add-in that demonstrates how to write code that adds Console and Settings tabs to the Windows Home Server Console.

  • Extending Windows Home Server. This section walks through several smaller code snippets that demonstrate how to write code that retrieves information about some common Windows Home Server objects.

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