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Windows 8 integration

This section details the ways in which web developers can take advantage of the tight integration of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.

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Flip ahead browsing

Flip ahead allows you to explore favorite websites like you would a magazine. By implementing flip ahead, you enable your users to flip through a news article or an online catalog, regardless of their actual location on the page.

Invoke apps directly in Internet Explorer

The DirectInvoke feature in Internet Explorer on Windows 8 enables applications to register their MIME Types for direct invocation from a URL

Link previews

The link preview feature extends the Windows 8 share experience.

Connect your website to your Windows Store app

By using the Windows Runtime, you can deliver features beyond what's possible in a browser alone, such as seamless access to local files and folders, integration with Windows 8 Charms for sharing and search, and interaction with local devices.

Pinned site notifications in Windows 8

Windows 8 implements pinned sites by using tiles on the Start screen. When a user clicks the tile of a pinned site, the site opens in Internet Explorer 10 in the new Windows UI environment. Here you learn how to implement a pinned site notification in Windows 8.

Streaming media with Play To

Play To is automatically enabled for music, videos, and images in Internet Explorer in the new Windows UI.


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