URL Security Zones Overviews

The URL security zones API enables developers to manage URL security zones and create custom URL security zone managers.

This section contains overview and tutorial articles that are available for URL security zones.


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About URL Security Zones Templates

Templates provide an easy way for users to set the level of security they want for a particular URL security zone. For more information on URL security zones, see About URL Security Zones.

About URL Security Zones

URL security zones group URL namespaces according to their respective levels of trust. A URL policy setting for each URL action enforces these levels of trust. Administrators can customize the default URL security zones by changing the URL policy setting for each URL action, using the default URL security zone manager and URL security zone templates. Additionally, a supplied API provides developers with the tools to either interact with the default URL security zone manager or to create a custom URL security zone manager.

About Zone Elevation

Zone elevation occurs when a Web page loaded in one URL security zone loads a page from a less restrictive zone in a frame or a new window.

Adding Sites to the Enhanced Security Configuration Zones

This topic describes how to add sites to security zones in the enhanced security configuration.

Enhanced Security Configuration for Internet Explorer

This topic explains the changes made to Windows Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook Express in Windows Server 2003. These changes reduce the surface of attack that a hacker could use to compromise the security of your server.

Implementing a Custom Security Manager

Applications can manage the default URL security zone settings by using the IInternetZoneManager interface; however, any changes made with IInternetZoneManager are not static, because the user can override them. In most cases, applications that need to control the URL security zone settings should host the WebBrowser Control or MSHTML, and should implement their own security manager.

Introduction to Feature Controls

Feature Controls are new additions to Internet Explorer in Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). A Feature Control enables administrators and developers to turn certain security restrictions on or off.

Security Considerations: URL Monikers

This topic provides information about security considerations related to the URL monikers API.

Security Considerations: URL Security Zones API

This topic provides information about security considerations related to the URL security zones API.