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behaviorUrns property

Returns a collection of Uniform Resource Name (URN) strings identifying the behaviors attached to the element.

This property is not supported for Windows Store apps using JavaScript.



p = object.behaviorUrns


Property values

Type: IDispatch

Array of URNs identifying the behaviors attached to the element.

Standards information

There are no standards that apply here.


A behavior can specify a unique identifier in the form of a URN. If no URN is specified for a behavior, an empty string is specified in the collection. If no behaviors are attached to the element, an empty collection is returned.


This example demonstrates how to determine the behaviors attached to a div.

<!DOCTYPE html>
   div { behavior:url( url ( url (}
function window.onload()
   oColl = oDiv.behaviorUrns;
   if (oColl != null)
      for (i=0; i < oColl.length; i++)
        alert (oColl(i));
<div ID=oDiv>I just want to fly</div>

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