Pinned sites for the desktop

Learn how, as a developer, you can implement the Pinned sites feature of Windows Internet Explorer to integrate your website with the Windows desktop. These scenarios walk you through the process of adding site metadata, custom Jump Lists, notification icons, and Thumbnail Preview toolbar controls to the websites you develop.

This table shows which features are available in Internet Explorer for the desktop and Internet Explorer in the new Windows UI.

Feature Internet Explorer for the desktop Internet Explorer in the Windows UI
Application Name Yes Yes
32x32 pixel icon Yes Yes
Nav button color Yes No
Tooltip Yes Yes
Windows size Yes No
Start URL Yes No
Static jump list Yes Yes
Dynamic jump list Yes Yes
Overlay icons Yes No
Flashing Yes No
Thumbnail toolbar Yes No
Notifications offline No Yes
144x144px Png badge No Yes


Note  Pinned sites behave essentially the same in Windows Internet Explorer 9, and Internet Explorer for the desktop on Windows 8.


In this section

Topic Description

Introduction to Pinned Sites

This introduction describes the features of the Windows 7 taskbar that Pinned sites can implement, shows you how a Pinned site window differs from a normal instance of Internet Explorer 9, and explains why, as a site developer, you might add Pinned site features to the websites that you create.

How to Use this Documentation

This topic provides an overview of the samples that are used in this documentation, and an index of tasks. Start here if you are unsure of what to do next.

How to Pin a Website

This topic explains how users of Internet Explorer 9 can pin a website to the Windows taskbar and Windows 8 users can pin to the Start screen.

How to Create a Basic Pinned Site

This section uses the Channel9 Podcast Player sample to show you how to create a basic Pinned site. You also learn some best practices to help promote the functionality to users of your website.

How to Create Dynamic Jump Lists

In this section, you learn how to use the Pinned site API to create dynamic and personalized Jump Lists that are relevant to the user. This scenario introduces the TweetFeed sample application.

How to Create Thumbnail Toolbars

In this section, you learn how to extend the Channel9 Podcast Player sample application with a Thumbnail Toolbar that controls playback of audio tracks.

How to Provide Notifications

In this section, you learn how the TweetFeed sample application uses icon overlays to indicate application states, such as how many new messages are currently displayed.

How to Improve Discoverability

In this section, you learn some ways to advertise the features of your Pinned site.

How to use badge notifications

In this section, you learn how to define badge metadata, and how a server should respond to requests for badge updates.


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