How to create a tag cloud using IndexedDB

Many websites organize their content using keywords, also known as tags. In addition, some sites create tag clouds that list the tags used in their site's content. Frequently-used tags are generally highlighted in some way, such as a different color or a larger font. When the user clicks a tag in the cloud, the site displays a list of the content associated with the tag. As a result, tag clouds provide a convenient mechanism for searching a site's content.

Imagine that you're creating a photo gallery and you want your visitors to be able to add custom titles, descriptions, and tags to your images. You also want to create a tag cloud that provides your visitors with a custom search experience, one based on their input.

This series of articles describes how to create a tag cloud using the Indexed Database (IndexedDB) API, which is a standard for storing data on a user's device. These articles in the series walk you through creating an Indexed DB database for tracking images and tags. Examples show how to use Indexed DB objects to create a tag cloud and use it as a search mechanism.

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