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Replace Method (VBScript)


Replaces text found in a regular expression search.


object.Replace(string1, string2) 


  • object
    Required. Always the name of a RegExp object.

  • string1
    Required. String1 is the text string in which the text replacement is to occur.

  • string2
    Required. String2 is the replacement text string.


The actual pattern for the text being replaced is set using the Pattern property of the RegExp object.

The Replace method returns a copy of string1 with the text of RegExp.Pattern replaced with string2. If no match is found, a copy of string1 is returned unchanged.

The following code illustrates use of the Replace method.

Function ReplaceTest(patrn, replStr)
  Dim regEx, str1

  str1 = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

  ' Create regular expression.
  Set regEx = New RegExp
  regEx.Pattern = patrn
  regEx.IgnoreCase = True

  ' Make replacement.
  ReplaceTest = regEx.Replace(str1, replStr)
End Function

MsgBox(ReplaceTest("fox", "cat"))      ' Replace 'fox' with 'cat'.

In addition, the Replace method can replace subexpressions in the pattern. The following call to the function shown in the previous example swaps the first pair of words in the original string:

' Swap first pair of words.
MsgBox(ReplaceTest("(\S+)(\s+)(\S+)", "$3$2$1"))


Version 5

Applies To: Regular Expression (RegExp) Object

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March 2009

Reformatted code in examples.

Information enhancement.

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