Internet Explorer 9 - Overview for IT Professionals

Based on the foundation provided by Windows® Internet Explorer® 8, Microsoft® built Windows Internet Explorer 9 with the enterprise in mind. Line-of-business (LOB) applications that you deliver through the web require fewer system resources, and are as fast and responsive as native applications on the PC. Seamless integration with the Windows 7 operating system provides quick access to business-critical applications, websites, and common tasks. Internet Explorer 9 provides enterprise-class reliability and industry-leading protection for end users.

Internet Explorer 9 can also help IT pros standardize on the only web browser that provides nearly 1,500 Group Policy settings to help streamline desktop management and support. IT pros can have trouble gaining user acceptance for a web browser that end users do not like. Internet Explorer 9 can help alleviate this issue. The browser includes features that end users have specifically requested, such as tear-off tabs, the Download Manager, and better integration with the Windows 7 taskbar. Internet Explorer 9 is also considerably faster than Internet Explorer 8. End users who enjoy Internet Explorer 9 can drive adoption, helping you to reduce management and support costs by standardizing the desktop.

This article provides an overview of Internet Explorer 9 for IT pros. It describes the features that can help drive user acceptance for standardizing the web browser to Internet Explorer 9, as well as the features that can add value for you as an IT pro. This article also describes how to install and deploy Internet Explorer 9 in pilot scenarios with Windows 7, new Group Policy settings that are available for managing the web browser, and guidance on how the browser can affect new and ongoing Windows 7 deployment projects.

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