Architecture of Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows 2000

The Microsoft TCP/IP core protocol elements, services, and the interfaces between them is shown in Figure 2.1. The Transport Driver Interface (TDI) and the Network Device Interface Specification (NDIS) are public, and their specifications are available from Microsoft. In addition, there are a number of higher level interfaces available to user-mode applications. The most commonly used are Windows Sockets, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), and NetBIOS. For more information about TDI, NDIS, Windows Sockets, RPC, and NetBIOS, see "Windows 2000 Network Architecture" in this book. For more information about Windows Sockets support for Windows 2000 TCP/IP, see "Windows Sockets" in this chapter. For more information about NetBIOS support for Windows 2000 TCP/IP, see "NetBIOS over TCP/IP" in this chapter.


Figure 2.1 TCP/IP in the Windows 2000 Network Architecture