Represents a particular console window.

When you save the configuration of a character-based window, such as when you create a shortcut to a screen, the system adds a subkey under the Console key, in which it saves the configuration of the window. These subkeys are named for the command windows. When you open the window, the system uses the values of the entries in this subkey rather than the values of the entries in the root of the Console key.

The entries in the console-window-name subkey are the same as the entries in the Console key.

Change method

To change the console window settings, click the system menu icon in the title bar, and then select either Defaults to change the settings for all instances of that window, or Properties to change the current window only.

Activation method

Changes made in the Properties dialog box are effective immediately. Changes made either in the Defaults dialog box or in the registry are effective the next time you open a console window.

Note Image Note

The console-window-name subkey does not appear unless the current user has changed the properties of the command window.

The console-window-name subkey is a variable representing the subkeys under the Console key. It does not actually appear in the registry. This variable subkey displays information that is common to the subkeys in the Console key.