Data type


Default value


Vendor or product identfiers

(List of identified products and product groups.)


Suppresses the Media Change Notification (MCN) message for particular CD-ROM drives.

By default, the system sends an MCN message when a CD-ROM is inserted in a CD-ROM drive. The MCN message triggers media features, such as Autoplay. When the MCN message is suppressed, these media features do not operate.

This entry identifies devices that do not support media features. Typically, this list consists of CD-ROM changers that do not support Autoplay because they must load the media physically to verify that it is a compact disc before playing.

The entries in this list need not be complete device identifiers. The system suppresses the MCN message for all devices that begin with the characters of an entry in the list. This method makes it easier to disable media features for all products of a certain vendor or product line.

Note Image Note

If the value of this entry is not blank, it takes precedence over a value of 1 in AutoRun for the particular devices identified.

If a device is identified in this list, Autoplay does not operate on the device, regardless of the value of the NoDriveAutoRun entry (in HKLM and HKCU) and the NoDriveTypeAutoRun entry (in HKLM and HKCU).

The identifiers listed in this value are those reported to the system by the device. These identifiers might differ from those listed on the drive housing.

The default value for this entry consists of products and product groups that have been identified through testing as being unable to support Autoplay. This list might change as testing progresses and products are updated.

Tip Image Tip

To disable Autoplay on particular drives, use the NoDriveAutoRun entry (HKLM or HKCU) or the NoDriveTypeAutoRun entry (HKLM or HKCU). Do not disable the MCN message unless you have no alternative.

Caution Image Caution

Do not change the value of this entry. If you add or remove items from the list, your CD-ROM drives might not operate properly.

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