Network Infrastructure Preparation Task List

Table 6.1 outlines the recommended tasks you need to complete to prepare your existing network infrastructure for Windows 2000.

Table 6.1 Planning Task List for Infrastructure Preparation


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Create a hardware and software inventory.

Hardware and Software Inventory

Confirm that all hardware conforms to the HCL and is appropriate for your deployment plans, and determine a specific hardware upgrade plan for each computer.

Hardware and Software Inventory

Document server and client network configurations. Document your infrastructure servers.

Network Infrastructure

Document the details of your network configuration—your name resolution services, IP addressing, WAN link details, and physical layout.

Network Infrastructure

Create a physical and logical diagram of your network.

Network Infrastructure

Document the configuration of your member servers.

File, Print, and Web Servers

Identify all critical applications and check them for Windows 2000 compatibility.

Line-of-Business Applications

Document your domain structure and administrative model, including trust relationships, primary domain controller and backup domain controller locations, and DNS namespaces.

Domain Services Architecture

Document your network security details.


Stabilize your network.

Preliminary Steps

Review network protocols.

Preliminary Steps

Prepare your physical infrastructure.

Preparing Your Physical Infrastructure

Review network devices for Windows 2000 compatibility.

Preparing Your Physical Infrastructure

Prepare your infrastructure servers.

Preparing Your Infrastructure

Upgrade your domain controllers.

Preparing Your Domain Controllers