Service Publication in Active Directory

Active Directory ™ , the directory service included with Microsoft® Windows® 2000, is designed as a distributed network data store for information about computers, users, services, and applications. Directory-enabled services and applications can publish globally useful information, such as service availability and properties, in Active Directory. Active Directory management and user interfaces enable administrators and client processes to find and connect to the directory-enabled service as needed.

Anyone responsible for making resources available throughout a network needs to know the concepts and procedures involved with publishing services of Active Directory. Knowledge of the architecture of Active Directory service publication and of the base service publications provided by Active Directory is necessary for understanding the technology of service publication as it is used to manage services in a distributed network.

General knowledge of the architecture of Active Directory is required to understand service publication.

In This Chapter

Introduction to Service Publication

Directory Infrastructure for Service Publication

Finding and Viewing Service Information In Active Directory

Windows 2000 RPC Name Service and Integration with Active Directory

Security Considerations for All Services