Active Directory Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, and Recovery

Diagnosing and troubleshooting Active Directory ™ , the directory service that is included with Microsoft® Windows® 2000, requires thorough familiarity with the content of the other Active Directory chapters in this book and knowledge of and proficiency in the use of the diagnostic tools that are included on the Microsoft ® Windows ®  2000 Server Resource Kit companion CD and Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server operating system CD. Because Active Directory interacts with external services and protocols, such as DNS for name resolution, LDAP for directory access protocols, and TCP/IP for the transport protocol, it becomes more complex to accurately determine the cause of a problem and to apply a solution. Improper configuration of the services and protocols can create problems such as not being able to locate resources.This chapter assumes that you have already read and are thoroughly familiar with the content in the other Active Directory chapters of this book.

In This Chapter

Summary of Active Directory Architecture

Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Active Directory Problems