Microsoft® Windows® 2000 supports several different name resolution services to locate, communicate with, and connect to resources on the network. For example, a command to connect to an application server by using the server name must be resolved to an IP address in TCP/IP networks before the command can be successfully completed. This is referred to as name resolution .

If Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) is available on the network, the LMHOSTS file can be used to support the subnets that do not have a WINS server, and to provide a backup name resolution service in case the WINS server is not available. The LMHOSTS file provides a NetBIOS name resolution method that can be used for small networks that do not use a WINS server.

In This Appendix

Using the LMHOSTS File to Find Computers and Services

Creating the LMHOSTS File

Configuring TCP/IP to Use LMHOSTS Name Resolution

Maintaining the LMHOSTS File

Troubleshooting the LMHOSTS File