Data type


Default value


Lines by columns (in pixels) Maximum: 0x7FFF7FFF

0x190050 (25 lines by 80 columns)


Determines the size of the screen buffer (the screen that is retained in memory). If the size of the screen displayed on the monitor is smaller than the screen buffer, you can scroll to see the entire screen. You cannot display a console screen that is larger than the screen buffer.

The value of this entry is an 8-byte hexadecimal value. The first four bytes (high word) represent the number of lines that appear on the screen. The last four bytes (low word) represent the number of columns on the screen.

For example, the default value, 0x190050, indicates that the screen buffer is 25 (0x19) lines high and 80 (0x50) columns wide.

Change method

To change the screen buffer size, click the system menu icon in the title bar, and then select either Defaults to change the settings for all instances of that window, or Properties to change the current window only. Click the Layout tab, and then use the Screen Buffer Size group box to set the width and height.

Activation method

Changes made in the Properties dialog box are effective immediately. Changes made either in the Defaults dialog box or in the registry are effective the next time you open a console window.


The value of this entry reflects the default window settings.

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