Windows 7: Troubleshooting and Support

Applies To: Windows 7

This collection contains information to help IT Pros find workarounds for the known issues in the Windows 7 release and troubleshoot and resolve specific Windows 7 system errors and events.

Known Issues

For a list of the known issues in Windows 7 and their workarounds, see Release Notes: Important Issues in Windows 7 and Things to Know About Windows 7.

General Troubleshooting

For troubleshooting Windows 7 issues, see the Windows 7 forums at Microsoft TechNet Forums.

For help troubleshooting general Windows issues, see the information in the Microsoft Product Solutions Centers.

Troubleshooting Events and Errors

For information on troubleshooting specific Windows 7 system events and errors, see the following:

Events and Errors (describes how the error and event troubleshooting information is organized)

Core Operating System (covers Display Drivers, Plug and Play Devices, Name resolution for peer communication, and Service Control Manager)

File Services (covers technologies that help manage storage, perform backup and recovery tasks, enable file replication, manage shared folders, and enable access for UNIX client computers)

Core Security (covers system security functionality, such as authentication, authorization, and access control features, built into the Windows operating system, e.g., BitLocker Drive Encryption, CryptoAPI 2.0, Code Integrity, Kerberos protocol, Software Restriction Policies, and Windows Initialization)

Management Infrastructure (covers system performance, scheduled tasks, remote management)

Reliability Infrastructure (covers operating system components that support reliability monitoring and diagnosis)

Setup Infrastructure (covers installation of optional components, packages, and language packs)

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security (covering the Windows components that help protect your computer from unwanted network traffic)

Networking (covers the Windows networking components)

Printing Infrastructure (covers print devices and printing infrastructure)

Windows Update (covers the component that runs on each client computer and checks for availability of updates)