Using the RunAsInvoker Fix

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

This section includes information about using the RunAsInvoker compatibility fix, including usage and associated issues.


The RunAsInvoker compatibility fix enables an application to start by using the token inherited from the parent process. The RunAsInvoker fix overrules both installer detection and manifest processing, and will determine the elevation state for the entire application after it is applied.

Investigating the Issue

The RunAsAdmin compatibility fix should be considered as a possible resolution if the application prompts for elevation, but can also run successfully as a Standard User. If the application is elevating because of installer detection, you should use the SpecificNonInstaller compatibility fix. If the application is elevating the current context because the developer included a manifest specifying the requireAdministrator run-level, then this compatibility fix should be used. This fix specifies that the application does not require elevation.

Intercepted APIs

None. This compatibility fix does not intercept any APIs; instead, it applies a loader flag to the application.

Fixing Your Code

If you are fixing an application that incorrectly requires administrator rights, you can correct this by creating a manifest for the specific application that includes the asInvoker tag.

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